India: Liberation from Colonialism to Imperialism

India: Liberation from Colonialism to Imperialism

Elavalagan, November 09, 2018

India got its independent in 1947; that was more than 71 years ago. India asked then ruling colonial Whitemen to get out of their nation, so they can self-rule as an independent nation. But one might be saddened to see how much India has achieved by being an independent nation for 71 years.

In most cases, the world’s second most populous and largest democracy largely remains a nation of reproductions or, in some cases, outright copycats of Imperial knowledge. From Valentine’s Day on the street to Big Boss on the screen, from what they wear every day to what they eat for fast-food now, all are replications of the Imperial lifestyle.

The worst example come on September 6th of 2018 when five judges of India’s Supreme Court equalized gay sex with natural reductive sex. In this case, India’s Supreme Court proudly replaced a Victorian day colonial law with an influential, deep pocketed, Hollywood-natured imperial law.

India not independently thriving and leading the world in science and technologies is understandable. No one expected India to launch a probe like Sputnik, land on the moon, or to be the very first to design software and hardware systems. India can learn these tested and proven technologies from other nations and then improve on what they have learned. That is wise. But simply copying everything, including the unproven social engineering, from other nations shows India itself learned nothing from their thousands of years old amazing civilization and its ancient epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata etc.

Hindu Civilization that thrived in the past created, invented, and formulated remarkable matters on their own. They were not replications or copies, but absolute originals. This civilization used solar calendars long ago while almost all the others were using lunar calendars. This civilization identified most of the primary planets and named seven of them for the seven days of the week, from Sunday to Saturday. It also, long before 7th century, identified two very interesting points in the space and called them Raagu and Keethu. Hindu Civilization and the civilizations which followed after had more epics for real life lessons than any other civilization.

But the modern India’s Supreme Court simply chooses to copy Imperial verdict on gay sex matter, with adding zero originality. By doing so, it has created more holes than it has fixed. Comparing to the US Supreme Court and other western courts’ verdicts on this matter, one cannot see any identifiable variation in India’s one. Because of that, the unsolved questions left to linger in the western court verdicts are also left to linger in the Indian court verdict.

In the western world, gay issues have been a pressing human rights issue for a specific reason. It is not because this issue was the only or the biggest human rights issue left to be fixed in the world. Instead, the influential and deep pocketed Hollywood higher-ups adopted it. One must compare the ways Hollywood’s elites handle the gay and the Palestine issues side-by-side, for example. Just flip through all the Hollywood TV programs and the Hollywood dependent big box media enterprises and count how many times pro-gay views are aired and carried. You may see dozens within hours. And then count how many times the same Hollywood TVs programs and the Hollywood dependent big box media enterprises address the Palestine issues. You may not even find it once in months or years. It is apparent that gay issues are of the highest priority to them. And now, India’s Supreme Court has just jumped on the same bandwagon.

Just by cherry-picking preferred issues and fixing them will not make any society progressive and humane. It will be just another society with winners and losers, like the societies we had in the past and the societies we will be having in the future.

One must note that the gay rights case was pushed through the Indian Supreme Court by the western based special interest groups, through a local public service proxy organization. The Naz Foundation that took this case to India’s Supreme Court was heavily funded by deep pocketed foreign organizations. Early works of the founder of Naz started in New York, USA. Naz Foundation welcomed Lady Gaga in 2011 to India.

Meanwhile the local politicians – including those who welcomed the men who lynched the beef eaters and traders with garlands, local media, and the Hindu nationalists were all dead quiet on this matter. It was like there was an organized quietness by the Indian political entities. Even some of the pro-gay article published in Indian printings were also written by the foreign writers. Only a small resistance came from the Christian members of India.

The foreign hands who wanted the changes in India even went to stimulate India’s ego by calling the previous law as a ‘Victorian era colonial law’ and therefore abandoning it will give pride to India. So, how about the rest of the laws in India? Are they not Victorian era colonial laws?

Furthermore, these judges also demonstrated their still lingering blind affection to everything from the Whiteman, the one they asked to get out of India more than 71 years ago. India’s Supreme Court referencing fictional character of Shakespeare’s drama to justify a replicated verdict is a pure insult to the list of epics their ancestors wrote for them. What would India’s Supreme Court do next, referencing to Star Wars and Harry Potter? Wait a minute, Harry Potter is already a course book in Kolkata National University of Juridical Science. Game of Thrones and Star Trek were also considered, but Harry Potter won. Here too, none of the Hindu epics made the list.

In addition, these five judges justified their verdict using quotes from White philosophers like Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (German, 1749 – 1832), Arthur Schopenhauer (German, 1788 – 1860), John Stuart Mill (British, 1806 – 1873), in addition to fictional characters of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Once again, these judges found no values in Hindu epics or even recent days leaders like Mahatma Gandhi. These judges even ignored Mahatma Gandhi’s views in reproductive sex matters. We must at least recall Gandhi’s response to birth control methods.

When the birth control activist Margaret Sanger (American, 1879 – 1966) met Gandhi to promote western style birth control in India in 1936, Gandhi hesitantly refused to endorse it. Gandhi did not simply replicate the idea in India without questioning it independently. He knew something bad about Sanger’s social engineering that she didn’t know about at that time.

Today the early adopters of birth control are stuck in a phenomenon called ‘aging population’. There is a correlation between Margaret Sanger promoted social engineering and aging population. Calling it ‘aging population’ is a dirty way to hide the truth. Populations don’t age themselves. What actually happened here was the lust was separated from child birth by the birth control methods and rules deployed. The law made lust as right of a person and child birth as optional. As a result, lust thrived but population dwindled. That is the primary reason why Caucasians dominating nations in the west lost population growth. Nowadays, these nations are filling with non-Caucasians, including Indians, who did not adopt birth control in mass in the early days (India’s birth rate in 1965 was 5.83, but in 2016 it is 2.33!).

How about polygamy in India? Can India’s Supreme Court continue to prohibit polygamy for Hindus and Christians through the Victorian era colonial laws such as Section 494 and 495 of the Indian Penal Code of 1860 and the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 etc.? Shouldn’t all the legal arguments put forward to justify gay relationships also be put forward to justify polygamy? If not, why not? Funny you should know that these still in-place Victorian era colonial laws allow Indian Muslims to marry multiple times concurrently.

India’s Supreme Court ruling also copied the term ‘LGBT’ in their veridic, a term packaged by the imperial based Hollywood echelon. And not sure if the Indian Supreme Court understood that the letter ‘B’ in LGBT stands for Bisexual. Mathematically speaking, one plus bi is equal to three. So, is a bisexual polygamist or not? Issues like these are left to hang the Indian verdict exactly the way they were left to hang in the imperial courts.

And why would India’s Supreme Court keep a Victorian era colonial law related to polygamy that makes Hindu God Muruga a criminal? As we know, Muruga is associated with two wifes; Valli and Theivanai. And the Hindu epic Mahabharata says Draupadi was married to five brothers.

Once a court in Canada said a child can legally have three parents. This ridiculous law basically said that three people can be parents of a child/children, own properties together, live together in the same house and can be sexual partners – but wait for it – they cannot do all of these by legally marrying each other. Justification for three parents, polyamorous or bisexual without all three legally marring is basically court promoted prostitution, or at least court promoted marriage with extramarital affair. And is India about to replicate that too?

Since influential, deep pocketed, Hollywood did not take the polygamy issue into their hand the same way they took the gay issue, for the western courts polygamy issue is not a human rights issue, at least for now.

But will India’s Supreme Court settle the polygamy matters independently, as a court of an independent nation? Will these judges, once more, say criminalizing polygamy is irrational and indefensible? Probably India’s Supreme Court will once again wait for Hollywood to change imperial laws related to polygamy before they replicate it in India to replace the current Victorian era colonial law.

How about adoption laws? Why would India continue to uphold the Victorian era colonial law that put a limitation of single men adopting a girl? What are the arguments they would put forward to justify that one man is inferior and dangerous, but two men are superior and safe?

Judges themselves becoming confused philosophers is one thing, but ordering the average citizen to obey their confused philosophies is ridiculous. That is what we get when the judges trend into Hollywood’s cherry-picked humanity. We don’t want to see the court becoming the new church.

To talk more about equal rights, India is sitting in the UN as a second-class nation without a veto power. Shouldn’t this discrimination be the mother of all discrimination for India? Will Lady Gaga and other Hollywood humanities with veto power help to eliminate this discrimination. Don’t bet on it. Like the Palestinian issue, these discriminations are not picked by them for fixing. Their humanity is selective and cherry-picked.

If Sabarimalai temple closing its doors for women is discrimination, then why is the permanent UN Security Council closing of doors for India, the second largest populous, not?

India can elegantly celebrate their independence every year, but the reality is, after 71 years of self-ruling, India is still a dependent nation of Imperialism in almost every front.