Welcome to civilization 1: The world is not your baby mill, Canada

Welcome to civilization 1: The world is not your baby mill, Canada

(Elavalagan, November 23, 2022)

Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser recently announced the enhancement of the National Occupation Classification (NOC 2021) to open an express entry way to bring skilled and qualified immigrants of 16 new occupations to Canada. Under this enhancement Canada is planning to bring 431,000, 465,000, 485,000 and 500,000 immigrants in the years 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025 respectively.

Compare these amounts to Canada’s own birth rate. In 2019 Canada had only 372,038 live births. That is correct, 38 million people had only 372,038 babies that year. That was only 1.47 births per women. In 2020, it was only 1.4. However, it was 3.94 in 1959. And a rate of 2.1 is needed to sustain the population.

Now you can see Canada is importing more people than the babies it gets from its own national birth. And that is how Canada’s so-called leaders are going to “support Canadians in need of” services and ‘build economy’. Instead of giving birth to their own babies, nurturing them, educating them, and making them serve the nation and build the economy, these leaders want to build a nation by importing citizens. But for how long?

The growing volume of immigration says it is no longer a smaller, side story of Canada. The massive immigration volume becomes the primary way of a nation building forever, not just for Canada but even for some other developed countries. It is like monetary fines of traffic violations becoming the primary source of a city’s budgetary income.

What has happened to the theoretically glorified ways of family planning, baby nurturing, child schooling, higher education, and all that in the developed worlds like Canada? Did those pandits’ justified policies in place for generations failed to bare the fruits? And now Canada is going back to old fashioned, uneducated, poor lands to grab the people to do the services in Canada and build the Canadian economy?

It is time for Canada to stop seeing the world as a baby mill!

First Europe ran out of babies and stopped coming to Canada. Now Asia is running out of babies and soon will stop coming to Canada. According to the UN, Africa may supply one more batch of babies from immigrants for a generation or two. And then what?

After the 1970s energy crises, Canada, America, and other developed countries went to produce their own oil. By doing so they wanted to be self-sufficient in energy supply without relying on other nations. Are they saying self-sufficiency in commodities like oil is more important than self-sufficiency in population? And, if the far away countries don’t supply enough people, will Canada and other developed countries send ships and shackles once again to bring the labor force they desperately need?

It appears that what Canada wants from the world is immigrants from poor nations to give birth to babies, something that Canadians don’t want to do because babies interfere with their career goals, or because they consider childrearing to be too troublesome. Consider giving babies their necessities and love, and again Canadians would rather be busy indulging in their own happiness without the burden of parenting duties. Poor parents from poor nations will sacrifice every cent of their hard-earned money to give their children a good education and hands-on experience in all possible industries.

Once foreign generations reach their 20s and 30s and are well-trained, Canada will cherry-pick the best and healthiest at a very low cost, but only for the industries they desperately want workers in. Does this not reflect a puppy mill?

Who is going to look after those immigrants’ parents when they get older and bedridden? Who is going to build those counties with the leftover people? Does Canada even care about them? Is this how Canada interprets humanity and human rights?

Further to this truth is a large portion of Canadian-born babies are born to immigrant mothers. Statics Canada says immigration is important “to increase the fertility rate in Canada”. This message doubles-down Canada’s intention of using immigration for population growth. If you exclude the babies from first-generation immigrants, the Canadian birthrate would be even uglier. To learn more about it, the national census should quantify the babies that are born to foreign-born mothers.

Maybe it is time for the Canadian politicians to tell its citizens to have enough babies Canada needs to maintain self-sufficiency in population. It is time to teach them about the importance of family planning, and not just wiping out birth. If Canadians think that not having babies is their human right, that is fine, but then tell them not to expect to steal people to serve them when they are sick and bedridden. Their loving dogs and cats wouldn’t be any help at that time.

If a politician doesn’t have the willpower to tell this to his or her citizens, then he or she is not a real leader! A true leader won’t hide the truth under the carpet. In 2002, then city councilor Olivia Chow said “we have an aging population” in Toronto, Canada. Now, 20 years later, one generation later the same foul cry. Come back in 20, 40, or 100 years, and you would hear the same foul cry. In democracies the politicians don’t have the willpower to be truthful to the voters. That is one reason why democracies fail.

Birth rate started to nosedive after birth control mechanisms were developed and sex and childbearing were separated. This enabled the new self-centric generations to consider sex as a human right and giving birth an option that is not correlated to sex.

Maybe it is the time to rule Canadians to have a minimum number of babies. It can be implemented through laws and taxation. China’s one-child policy was executed in a similar fashion. China’s one-child policy is not in any way more immoral than going to poor countries and luring small pools of talented people without considering those countries and their vulnerable people.

Drafting a person to fight in a ridiculous war that was started by ridiculous politicians contributes to a nation much less than drafting people to have children that can contribute to the nation. If drafting for the military is not a violation of human rights in Western moral standards, then drafting for childbearing is not either.

Canadians have the right to choose whatever lifestyle they prefer, but they also should pay for whatever the outcome they choose. Canada has no moral right to go around the world and cherry-pick people to fulfill the shortcomings they knowingly created. There is no rights-only lifestyle; all rights come with responsibilities and a good leader must express that.