Welcome to civilization 2: Rational here, not there

Welcome to civilization 2: Rational here, not there

(Alagan Elavalagan, February 26, 2023)

On February 24th of 2023, on the eve of one year since the Ukraine invasion by Russia, China tabled its 12 points “position” paper on the war in Ukraine. American President Joe Biden quickly rejected China’s publication, calling it “not rational” for China to mediate since it has been supporting Russia.

When did Biden or the West become the authority to ‘rational’? How does Biden or the NATO define rational?

This self-proclaimed western authority for rational thinks it is OK for Israel to steal occupied Palestinian land but asks the whole world to uprise against the Russian invasion in Ukraine. Why is it rational here but not there?

Here is what Biden said regarding China’s report: “The idea that China is going to be negotiating the outcome of a war that is totally an unjust war for Ukraine is just not rational”

If you just mirror the same sentence in Palestine, that would be “The idea that America is going to be negotiating the outcome of an Israel occupation that is totally unjust occupation for Palestine is just not rational.”  Isn’t it a perfect fit?

Only a few days ago US Secretary of State has Anthony Blinken said America’s commitment to Israel “remains ironclad” backed up by “75 years of” support. If that American can be a mediator in Israel-Palestine issues, then why shouldn’t China be a mediator in Ukraine?

On February 24 of 2023, The Associated Press published an essay. It described how one Israeli woman’s illegal raspberry outpost in occupied West Bank became the settlement of Givat Harel. This week this and another 8 similar illegal outposts were converted to legal settlement under the protection of the West. For Joe Biden and all other NATO nations, this is rational, only Russia annexing eastern Ukraine is not rational.

One of Biden’s arguments was China’s plan is only beneficial to Russia. But Biden doesn’t see that for the past 75 years America’s every plan in occupied Palestine is only beneficial to Israel. Then how can America be a mediator to the Palestine issue?

Long before Russia invading Ukraine, George Bush junior has invaded Iraq with a truckload of lies. Countries like Canada clearly believed it was a war of regime change. But did Canada or the NATO countries send tanks and missiles to Iraq so it could defend itself if NATO claims to uphold international law and order? What is the different between these two wars? Where is the rational in having two different faces in these two wars? Why was the invasion of Ukraine different from the invasion of Iraq?

Furthermore, did Ukraine object Bush’s illegal invasion of Iraq? If Ukraine was indifferent to the Iraq invasion at that time, then why was Ukraine surprised to see Iraq being indifferent in the invasion of Ukraine by Russia?

Welcome to civilization!