Welcome to civilization 4: Support Liberals by abstaining in the election!

Welcome to civilization 4: Support Liberals by abstaining in the election!

It is hilarious. Even by third-world political standards, it is total rubbish by the ruling Canadian Liberal Party.

On May 10th of 2024, the UN General Assembly convened to vote on resolution (Item 5 – A/ES-10/L.30/Rev.1) to give Palestine an Observer State in the UN assembly. It is a very limited right. Out of the 193-member General Assembly, 143 voted in favor, 9 voted against and 25 abstained. Canada is one of the abstained nations.

Even European countries like Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, and Australia voted ‘yes’. No need to say the US and Israel voted ‘no’.

Canada’s ruling Liberal Party’s justification for abstaining was hilariously rubbish. After the vote, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said “Prime Minister Netanyahu has unacceptably closed the door on any path towards a two-state solution” and “So, Canada has decided to change our position from ‘no’ at the UN to abstaining”

Bob Rae, Canada’s ambassador to the UN, also said “It is clear that we must urgently rebuild a credible path to achieving a two-state solution”

So, what is the logic behind abstaining on a vote that Liberals ‘urgently’ achieve? It is nothing but rubbish from a first-world country that claims to be upholding democracy, human rights, humanity, rule of law and the whole nine yards.

By the same Liberal’s logic, should Canadians abstain from voting in the next general election to support Liberals?

Welcome to civilization.